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9th May 2012


Decaying Orbit (Castle, Castle/Beckett, 1/1)

Author: Palgrave

Rating: G, maybe PG-13

Fandom: Castle

Pairing: Kate Beckett/Richard Castle

Disclaimer: Well played, Andrew Marlowe and ABC. Well played indeed…

Author’s NotesQuick post-episode vignette for “Always”. Because, okay, I was losing faith there a little bit, but WOW.

One use of the ‘f’ word. Feedback, constructive criticism and use of the ‘kudos’ button always welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: He let her in. Post-ep for “Always”

Links: AO3 FF.net LJ

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8th May 2012

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19th April 2012

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6th April 2012

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Oh, Jeff, how I love your inability to really give a crap about almost anything.

Oh, Jeff, how I love your inability to really give a crap about almost anything.

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3rd April 2012

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Oh, for fucks sake.

I used to look forward to Castle every week, I really did. Even at the beginning of this series, I was still enthusiastic and willing to go along with things. I’ve done my fair share of defending this season.

Now, it’s like I’m grimly waiting for my weekly dose of getting-kicked-in-the-balls. And then, to add insult to injury, the guy with the steel-tipped boots keeps telling me to suck it up because “it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey!”

But this journey is becoming excruciating. It’s all angst and the characters acting like imbecilic two-year-olds. Except not, because a two-year-old would actually shout and cry about what he or she wants, instead of engaging in passive-aggressive mind-reading games.

(And I’m including both Castle and Beckett in this. Seriously, they really need to get this fucking ‘secrets’ plot-line over with — it’s just a glorious albatross of angst and stalled character development around the show’s neck, it’s bogging everything down.)

Seriously, when it seems like the people who write the fanfiction have better understanding of and enthusiasm for the characters than the guy who’s in charge of the fucking show, there’s a problem somewhere.

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30th March 2012

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Don’t worry too much about Troy and Abed, folks.

Dean Laybourne will try to destroy them.

Instead, he will make them…


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27th March 2012

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A brief reaction to the most recent episode of “Castle”.

Seriously. Not kidding here. Listen to the Doctor on this one. That’s the Doctor weighing in on this. Even he’s tired of waiting for Castle and Beckett to get to the boning. That should say something.

I mean, I’m not a particularly hardcore shipper or anything, but really. I mean, I know you’ve got the whole ‘Beckett’s mother’ mystery and the will-they-won’t-they thing to juggle, but come on people — surely you’ve known for about three-and-a-bit years that your audience primarily wants to see Castle and Beckett get it on.

They can still solve mysteries and have groovy adventures in between the lovin’. Really. Doesn’t stop Amy and Rory Pond, now does it?

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21st March 2012

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Atomic Robo, Shadow from Beyond Time #4

Proof, should any be needed, that Carl Sagan was FUCKING HARDCORE.


Atomic Robo, Shadow from Beyond Time #4

Proof, should any be needed, that Carl Sagan was FUCKING HARDCORE.

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8th March 2012

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FIC: Special Relationship (Castle / Sherlock Crossover)

Author: Palgrave

Fandom(s): CastleSherlock

Rating: G

Disclaimer: A whole bunch of people on either side of the Atlantic Ocean can sort it out between them. I’ll be playing in their sandpit while they do.

Summary: In which both Sherlock Holmes and Richard Castle display a unique ability to facilitate international goodwill. Albeit inadvertently.

Alternate Links: AO3, FF.net

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